Tessa the Reaper is back! And she’s deadlier than ever. Lindsey McKeon, who plays Tessa on the CW hit series “Supernatural,” will reprise her role as the feared female reaper in the second half of Season 9.

The news came as a surprise to fans when McKeon announced her return to “Supernatural” on Twitter.

“Off to Vancouver to reprise my beloved role as #TessaTheReaper @cw_spn Stay tuned, you will all be very excited,” she wrote to her dedicated followers. Instead of receiving a slew of excited replies, McKeon was flooded with a sea of speculation, considering the actress tweeted the shocking news on the silliest day of the year: April Fool’s Day.

“Hahaha what a response!!” the actress wrote. “No April fools--not that cruel.”

Pretty ironic considering her character is the harvester of dead souls. So, who exactly is Tessa? Well, for those who don’t know, McKeon’s character is the supernatural entity responsible for escorting deceased souls to the afterlife.

A reaper is not aligned with Heaven or Hell. Their job is to assist death by guiding souls of the deceased to their respective destinations. But not all the newly dead souls want to cross over. In Season 2, Tessa explained to Dean that those who refuse to move on from the mortal world become vengeful spirits and eventually go mad. So, it’s her job to prevent that.

Although Tessa’s true form is an unsightly creature, she typically takes on the form of a young woman with long, black hair.

Why has the CW decided to have McKeon’s character return in Season 9? Well, we think we have an idea. Could Sam and Dean Winchester be facing death during the season finale? It seems possible, considering Tessa never trails too far from her boss.

But who will be doing the dying? McKeon retweeted some suspicious accusations.

Is “Supernatural” killing Tessa off? And if so, how could they possibly kill a reaper? In Season 4, episode 17, “A Terrible Life,” Sam reveals a dream he had that revolved around him saving a grim reaper named Tessa from demons. Yikes. That sounds more like a nightmare!

That sparked our curiosity about what reapers are vulnerable to. According to reports, Tessa is vulnerable to Death’s scythe, can be bound by spells, rendered powerless insider a reaper trap, can be possessed by demons and can be killed by an angel's sword.

Do you think Tessa will meet her own fate in Season 9? Let us know your thoughts and theories!