supernatural season 10 spoilers
"Supernatural" was supposed to air its series finale after Season 5, according to actor Misha Collins. Cate Cameron/The CW

Can you imagine a world without “Supernatural”? Well, according to Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on the hit CW series, that nightmare scenario nearly came true when Season 5 almost concluded in 2009.

During an interview with TVLine about the show’s Season 10 premiere (set to air on Tuesday, Oct. 7), Collins and his “Supernatural” co-star, Mark Sheppard, who plays Crowley, dropped our jaws when they revealed the original series finale date of the beloved CW drama.

Apparently “Supernatural” was set to conclude after the fifth season played out – but thankfully CW never followed through with the plan, giving fans five more seasons of mystical goodness.

“The president of the CW pretty much said that ‘Supernatural’ could go on forever,” Michael Ausiello from TVLine began the interview with the two stars. But instead of relief from the “Supernatural” duo, Collins and Sheppard looked rather confused.

“Really?” Collins replied with a surprised tone in his voice.

“Well, he doesn’t see an end in sight,” Ausiello responded.

“Mr. Pedowitz himself said that?” Sheppard then asked, looking for clarification.

A few seconds later Collins recalled a moment while talking to Peter Roth, the president of Warner Bros. television, where the chief content officer said he had “hoped to see ['Supernatural'] go to Season 20.”

“So, between Pedowitz and Roth wanting it to last a long time…” Collins teased, hinting that maybe a 20th season isn’t so far-fetched of an idea after all.

But despite two influential sources wanting to keep the show alive, Collins remains “stunned” with how long the show has stayed on air.

“I’m stunned that the show is going as long as it is. Not because I ever thought that it should be canceled or wouldn’t survive, but I joined in Season 4 – and I thought you joined in Season 5,” Collins said, looking at Sheppard for confirmation of when he was cast, “and I’m sure the both of us thought, ‘Well, this is probably somewhere near the end of the show.’ And yet here we are.”

That’s when Sheppard hit us with the shocking revelation that “Supernatural” was never supposed to survive past Season 5. “It was actually designed to be near the end of the show when I came on,” he jumped in.

“Right. Originally 5 was going to be the end of it. The story arch was designed to end at Season 5. Now, here we are going into Season 10,” Collins added.

Are you surprised to hear “Supernatural” was supposed to end after Season 5? We know we were! Let us know in the comments section below if you could see a Season 20 in the future for “Supernatural.”