Sydney Spies, the Durango, Colo., High School senior who caused controversy with her yearbook photos, will have to settle for a picture designated by the yearbook committee.

Spies's mother, Miki, said that Sydney had submitted a third photo to the yearbook committee, but it was again rejected. The committee decided to use Sydney's photo from her school ID card. Miki and her family plan to file a complaint on the issue.

Durango High School requires that students must fully cover the chest, back, abdomen and sides of the student, according to the school dress code, reported by ABC.

The first photo that Spies submitted showed her wearing a bright yellow skirt. She only had a black shawl covering her chest, exposing her shoulders and midsection.

The family began appearing on local media outlets, making their case about Sydney's freedom of expression.

Some people might think it's a little bit sexy or inappropriate. But I think it's artistic. I think it's a good expression of who I am as a person, Spies told 9News. I'm a dancer, I'm trying to be a model, I really enjoy photography and I think that this is a good thing to represent me and I think they are taking away my freedom of expression.

The second photo that Sydney submitted was also deemed inappropriate for school.

The editors said they wanted to maintain their award-winning status, and they felt it wasn't professional, said Miki according to Westword. Sydney then submitted a third model-type photo that was again rejected.

She requested that no photo be used. But I don't think they're going to do that, said Miki. I think they're going to use the ID one, even though she would rather it not be.

Miki took to Facebook to vent her frustrations. She said that her daughter has been harassed by her high school over what the yearbook committee has done to her.

I'm thinking about what a lousy job that yearbook advisor does. Tammy Shriner has handled this whole thing SO poorly. They have changed 'the rules' over there 5 or 6 times now. They have left Sydney with absolutely no options, said Miki on her Facebook page. Shriner and the editors have been awful towards Sydney, she dropped the yearbook class because they have been so hostile and cruel toward her (practically the entire school too) Mad! And feel like we have no options. What a horrible Senior year this has been for my baby.