Senator Ted Cruz made an attempt to troll Vice-President Kamala Harris on Twitter over her recent visit to bakeries in Chicago, but was quickly reminded of his recent scandal involving an ill-timed trip to Cancun, Mexico.

Harris has faced some criticism over why she has not been headed at all to the Southern border of the United States, where a growing migrant crisis continues to unfold. Instead, the Vice-President, who is the first woman to serve in the role, went to Chicago, where she visited the popular South Side establishment Brown Sugar Bakery to highlight vaccine distribution and equality. According to ABC 7 Chicago, after the visit, Harris was sent home with trays of caramel, lemon and strawberry cupcakes.

The visit led to a tense exchange between Press Secretary Jen Psaki and New York Post reporter Steven Nelson Wednesday, when he inquired as to why she had time to go there instead of the border. Psaki shot back to explain why she was in Chicago and that it related to COVID-19, but also quipped that the Vice-President was also allowed to “get a snack,” just like any other American.

This was the moment Cruz opted to pick up on and troll, simply tweeting a link to Psaki’s quote and saying “priorities.”

However, Twitter quickly reminded him that in January, when his state of Texas was dealing with unseasonably cold and freezing temperatures, blackouts and a full-blown crisis, he went off on a vacation to Mexico, which he tried to palm off as a one-night trip to bring his daughters there, but was later exposed as being a planned multi-day escape.

Since his initial trip, Cruz has found himself mocked over and over again because of the fiasco. Back in March, as more extreme weather like tornados were threatening the panhandle, many quickly took to Twitter to ask the Senator if he was packing his bags to flee once again.

The Cancun fiasco was only the latest issue to plague the Texas Senator after comments he made. His strong anti-abortion stance has also seen him attacked on social media for comments, including ones where he said pregnancy “was not a life-threatening illness,” and referred to birth control as an “abortion-inducing drug.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is among Donald Trump's fiercest defenders in the US Senate
Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is among Donald Trump's fiercest defenders in the US Senate POOL / Greg Nash