Marijuana Leaves
Pictured: A closeup view of marijuana in a grinder along with a cigarette. Getty Images/Bruce Bennett

A video showing a toddler being forced to smoke marijuana by his teenage aunt in Brazil has gone viral after being uploaded on a video blogging site.

Maydlla Façanha, 14, was seen giving a joint to her one-year-old nephew, Miguel, at his home in São Paulo, April 25, in a video that she recorded on a cellphone. The teenager was seen smoking the weed before turning the camera and placing the joint on her nephew’s lips. “Smoke here,” Façanha told him in Portuguese.

The toddler turned his head away from the weed, more focused on posing for the camera. “Miguel, you're drooling all over it, Miguel,” Façanha joked, causing others sitting in the room to break into laughter.

A man’s voice was heard in the background, calling Miguel a “baboon” before Façanha took a drag of the joint and offered it to the one-year-old again. The second time, the one-year-old attempted to imitate his aunt by making a pout as the joint was placed in his mouth. When he blew, no smoke came out.

Miguel’s four-year-old sister, Vitória, was heard calling out to their mother. “Look mom, look who's smoking here,” she said. According to Daily Mail, the mother, Luana Cardoso da Silva, was present in the room and was aware of the fact that her son was being forced to smoke, although she was not visible in the video.

Façanha also offered the joint to Vitória but she refused to take it in her mouth. Before the 46-second-long video concluded, the teenager forced the joint into her nephew's mouth a third and a fourth time, as others in the room yelled “more, more.”

The video, which was uploaded Tuesday on the site World Star Hip Hop, garnered over 70,000 views. However, the video had a misleading title, which read, "Terrible: Mother Forces Her Kids To Smoke Weed While On Live."

Miguel’s mother, along with another adult were arrested after the police were alerted to the incident and responded to the toddler’s residence. Cardoso da Silva was charged with drug trafficking. Façanha, along with two other minors, was also taken into custody before being released.

Fifty small packs of marijuana were found inside a closet in the house, which were seized by the authorities.

Cannabis is illegal in Brazil and selling, transportation and trafficking of drugs are all criminal acts, punishable by five to 15 years in prison. However, in 2017, limited cannabis-based medicines were de-criminalized in the country.