A newborn baby, with the umbilical cord still attached, was found abandoned on the ground outside an apartment complex in Memphis, Tennessee. It is believed that the baby was only a few hours old when two teenage girls playing outside found him.

The newborn, found at the Red Oaks Apartments in Binghampton on Wednesday, had no clothes on and only had a blanket around his waist. Police said he was lying on the sidewalk while the temperature outside was about 56 degrees, according to 850 WFTL.

Memphis police arrived at the scene and the baby was taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to receive medical attention. His condition was found to be non-critical and is currently doing well, the report said.

Edison Hagan, whose girlfriend’s mother lives in the apartment complex where the baby was found, spoke to Action News 5 about the unsettling incident. “I was really shocked!” said Hagan. “It’s really cold out here and it’s the holidays. It’s a shame to hear that.”

“Just thank God somebody found the baby and the baby is safe,” Hagan added.

Memphis police searched the area after the baby was found and located the mother within a few hours.

As per the Tennessee Safe Haven law, mothers are allowed to surrender their newborn babies within two weeks of giving birth. The law was put in place to reduce the number of babies abandoned in dangerous situations, and mothers do not have to worry about being prosecuted if they surrender their babies at the designated facilities.

The designation facilities — which include police stations, fires stations, hospitals, birthing centers, health departments and clinics — have a yellow “Safe Haven” sign on display.

“My first advice is to ask for help,” said Karen Harrell from Porter-Leath, an organization that has several programs for parents and children. “And if she is in an emergency situation, is trying to make a decision, we can connect her with an organization or individual that can hold her hand and walk her through that process. Just call 901-577-2500.”

Brittney Ragin with Agape Child Services also said parents can get in touch with them if they need help. “It’s for moms and fathers if they need to talk to someone, or if they’re weighing their options and not sure what the next step is," Ragin said.

In the case of the baby abandoned outside the Memphis apartment complex, investigators didn’t reveal whether the Tennessee Safe Haven law is applicable. Family members of the baby are not currently facing charges in connection with the incident.

“It was her baby. Y’all gonna lock her up? You lied! You did all of that! You should have told me!” WREG News Channel 3 reportedly heard one woman yell at another at the scene.

Hagan, who also lives close to the spot where the baby was found, said, “Everybody’s so quick to judge and condemn people you know what I’m saying we’ve been in situations before where we didn’t know what to do. We have made decisions on impulse or emotion. It’s the holidays. It’s the season for perpetual hope.”

Representative image Credit: Pixabay