• A boy in India, 17, was arrested for allegedly raping a woman
  • He admitted to strangling the victim and setting her private parts on fire
  • The boy is facing rape and murder charges over the incident

A 17-year-old boy in India has admitted to raping and strangling a woman before burning her private parts in an attempt to destroy evidence.

The unnamed minor's victim was found in a drain in Delhi's Dwarka area, which was reported to police on Nov. 15, newspaper The Times Of India reported.

An investigation was launched and the suspect was arrested on Nov. 17 on murder charges, according to the outlet.

The boy told police that he raped the victim. Additionally, he admitted to strangling her and setting her private parts on fire to destroy evidence out of fear of getting caught.

Police later added rape charges against the boy.

As of press time, authorities have yet to receive the victim's post-mortem report.

A further investigation of the incident is ongoing.

Police were able to contact the victim's family after they sent her photo to different groups on the online messenger WhatsApp.

Around 2,700 people were questioned and several surveillance cameras were checked as part of the police investigation.

A similar incident happened earlier this month when a man in Thailand was arrested after he admitted to abducting and raping a Myanmar national, whom he also set on fire.

The man, identified as 27-year-old Boonlai Buaman, was arrested at a relative's house in Watthana Nakhon district of Sa Kaeo province on Nov. 18.

The electrician at a company in Kabin Buri district admitted to abducting the 21-year-old Myanmar national, who was his colleague, on Nov. 14 because he was allegedly in love with her.

Buaman attempted to have sex with the woman, but she resisted. He then assaulted her and dragged her to an oil palm plantation.

The two of them jumped into a nearby pond when Buaman heard a dog barking, but the woman could not swim and drowned.

Buaman recovered the woman's body the following day and took it to a eucalyptus plantation, where he placed the corpse on car tires and set it on fire.

Buaman later decided to phone one of the victim's older sisters after he was allegedly haunted by the deceased woman's spirit during the three days he hid at his relative's house. He was taken into custody pending legal action against him.

Representation. A 17-year-old boy in India over the death of a woman, whose body was found in a drain on Nov. 15. Pixabay