Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers
In a new promo video for "Teen Wolf" Season 5, Scott (Tyler Posey) appears to be in a lot of trouble. MTV

Beacon Hills looks more dangerous than ever in the latest “Teen Wolf” Season 5 promo video. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and his friends will return to school for senior year, but it’s not time for them to finally enjoy themselves. It looks like Scott’s pack will be fighting for their lives once again, and there will be some pretty jaw-dropping twists. Check out the most shocking moments from the promo:

1. Lydia in Eichen House – Beacon Hills’ resident banshee is in trouble. It looks like Lydia (Holland Roden) has been checked in Eichen House or some sort on mental institution. She appears to be having some sort of breakdown as doctors ask her about what happened in her senior year.

2. New Pack Member –Scott’s pack might be expanding. He’ll be approached by Theo (Cody Christian), a wolf who knows that he needs protection. “Everybody knows that lone wolves, they don’t make it on their own,” Theo says. Is Scott willing to protect a stranger?

3. Scott vs. Stiles – The boys are like brothers, but Scott and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) might be fighting each other this year. “Why don’t you trust anyone?” Scott asks.

“Because you trust everyone!” Stiles yells. Is trouble on the way for our favorite friendship?

4. New Villains – Throughout the promo, we see people in what look a lot like gas masks. It seems that these are the new villains that were teased earlier this year, the Doctors. However, they might not be the only new evil in Beacon Hills. There’s another figure that appears to be blue and glowing that was only shown briefly. It isn’t clear if he or she is part of the Doctors or if that’s another villain entirely.

5. Stiles and Lydia – Is there still hope for Stydia shippers? Stiles is seen kissing Malia in the rain early in the trailer, but then he seems to be holding Lydia very close around the 35 second mark. However, knowing “Teen Wolf,” the situation might be more life-threatening than romantic.

6. Car Accident – At the 59 second mark, it looks like a police van gets into an accident, and at 1:14 it looks like someone is unconscious in the wreckage of the car accident. It’s hard to tell who it is, though. It’s not the Sheriff (Linden Ashby), but it could be Parrish (Ryan Kelley).

Watch the “Teen Wolf” Season 5 promo video below:

“Teen Wolf” Season 5 premieres on Monday, June 29 at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. What do you think happened to Lydia? Sound off in the comments section below!