The pack is already onto the next mission in “Teen Wolf” Season 5B, episode 17. In the last installment of the MTV series, the gang rescued Lydia (Holland Roden) from Dr. Valack (Steven Brand). But before the banshee made his head implode, he revealed exactly why he was experimenting on her: he wanted to learn the Beast of Gévaudan’s identity. That’s information that the pack needs too, but they'll find a different way to get it.

In episode 17, titled “A Credible Threat,” lacrosse will make a comeback, but the game might interfere with Scott’s (Tyler Posey) plan. “Scott and his pack use a charity lacrosse game in a deadly gambit to figure out the identity of the Beast,” the synopsis reveals.

The trailer shows that they want to forfeit the game against Devenford Prep. However, only one person can do that: Coach Finstock (Orny Adams). It looks like the hilarious lacrosse coach will make his return after being absent for all of Season 5 so far.

Watch the “Teen Wolf” Season 5B, episode 17 trailer below:

The promo video also shows Devenford Prep, which means Brett (Cody Saintgnue) returns in episode 17. The werewolf might help out Scott and his friends again, but don’t expect him to officially join the pack. When Saintgnue talked to International Business Times last year, he made it clear that Brett wasn’t likely to leave his own group.

“If it seemed right, if it seemed like the right move, if it seemed like the best integrity thing to do, I think Brett would do it,” Saintgnue said. “But do I think he would just leave the pack just to join like a pack that’s ‘stronger’ or something? I don’t think so.”

“Teen Wolf” Season 5B, episode 17 airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.