A supernatural lockdown put nearly everyone in danger during “Teen Wolf” Season 5B, episode 16. Eichen House’s red alert didn’t just prevent the gang from getting Lydia (Holland Roden), but also heightened their powers. The pack had to worry about getting everyone out alive, not just Lydia. However, they still found a way to save everyone’s favorite banshee.

Episode 16 picks up exactly where last week’s left off with the gang stuck in Eichen House during a lockdown. Parrish (Ryan Kelley) comes face-to-face with the chimeras in all his flaming, naked glory. Theo (Cody Christian) orders the chimeras to attack him, but the hellhound can’t be paralyzed with venom or electrocuted. Valack (Steven Brand) attacks Theo and says he isn’t done with Lydia yet.

Parrish burns and throws Corey (Michael Johnston) across the room, which knocks Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) down. Theo throws a metal rod that manages to puncture Parrish, but all it does is knock out the hellhound. Valack still manages to get away with Lydia.

Upstairs, Scott (Tyler Posey) knows he can’t get past the mountain ash in the closed unit, but he thinks Meredith (Maya Eschet) can help. Scott finds Meredith catatonic. He begs her to break free of this state and help them find Lydia. Just as Scott gets up to leave, Meredith grabs his hand and places it on the back of her neck. He puts his claws into her spine and ends up in the dream state that she and Lydia communicate within.

Scott follows Meredith through Eichen House. She brings him to Lydia, who is gripping her head in pain. Meredith tells him that Lydia is being consumed by her power. She explains that Valack thinks Lydia can reveal who the Beast is, but her powers will probably kill her.

Scott needs to find Lydia back in reality, and Meredith says that the alpha won’t be able to get to her within the mountain ash walls. However, someone else can. “Find the hellhound, and he’ll find the banshee,” Meredith explains.

Outside the room, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) fights off the orderlies until Scott finishes, and then he promptly collapses.

They aren’t the only ones on the hunt for Lydia. Theo and Stiles follow Valack’s trail. Theo doesn’t think Stiles can find her on his own. The chimera has her scent, so Stiles decides to accept his offer. The scent leads them to tunnels under the mental institution.

Mrs. Martin (Susan Walters) also wants to find her daughter. She is trapped between the building and their perimeter fences during the lockdown. She grabs the dead guard’s taser as a weapon and searches for a way in or out.

The only people not searching for the banshee in Eichen House seem to be Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Kira (Arden Cho). The kitsune doesn’t think she can control her powers, but Malia won’t leave her. Kira passes out, and Josh (Henry Zaga), the chimera with electrical powers, offers to help her. In exchange, Malia needs to help Corey, who was badly burned by Parrish. Despite having some serious trust issues, Malia and Josh help each other’s pack members at the same time. Malia takes Corey’s pain to help his body start healing while Josh takes some of Kira’s electricity.

Back at the search party, Theo and Stiles start to bicker once Theo finds it hard to track Lydia’s scent. They hear the banshee scream, but Theo says the sound isn’t coming from one direction; it’s everywhere.

Stiles still doesn’t think he can trust Theo. After all, the guy killed his sister as a kid. Theo explains that the Dread Doctors convinced him that his sister wanted him to have her heart. He was 9 years old and easily convinced. Stiles doesn’t have much sympathy. Theo explains that he has the talons that could kill the Beast. He might not be Stiles’ idea of a good guy, but he wants to save their lives.

While they bicker in the tunnels, Valack explains to Lydia that she needs to be his eyes. He takes out the Dread Doctors’ helmet that injured a nurse last week. He says she might not survive, but she could save the lives of her friends.

Valack explains that the Dread Doctors are trying to get the Beast to remember the man he once was hundreds of years ago. He is revived in a teenage chimera’s body. It could be someone Lydia already knows. The mask can help her see who the chimera is — if it doesn’t kill her. That’s a risk Valack is willing to take. She suddenly screams and Valack says her time is up. She has to put the mask on. Lydia screams so loudly that Valack’s head implodes before he finish his experiment.

Stiles and Theo burst into the room just after Lydia basically saves her own life. Theo snatches the mask, but Stiles only worries about Lydia. She claims it’s too dangerous for him to be here. “Lydia, please shut up and let me save your life,” he says.

Above the tunnels, Liam and Scott use an aerosol can and a lighter to bring the hellhound out of Parrish. He walks right through the mountain ash. He even burns it up so Liam and Scott can follow.

He gets to Stiles and Lydia, and the banshee screams for Stiles to run. Parrish seemingly envelops Lydia in a burst of flames. However, he and Lydia both rise from the ashes unharmed.

They need help from the outside, though. Plan B for if the building went into lockdown was Mason (Khylin Rhambo) messing with the electrical shed. However, a new, two-story wall was built around the levers that Mason needs to move. Luckily, Hayden (Victoria Moroles) shows up and jumps over the wall for him. However, their instructions aren’t very helpful. They manage to figure it out and end the lockdown at the last second.

The pack is finally outside the gates of Eichen House, but that’s when Tracy (Kelsey Chow) attacks. Mrs. Martin isn’t having it, though. She comes up and attacks Kelsey with the taser. “Could somebody please get my daughter out of this hellhole?” she asks.

Lydia isn’t in good shape, so they take her to Deaton’s (Seth Gilliam) clinic. Stiles sits in the back of his Jeep with her and tells her to hold on. “Lydia look at me, you’re gonna make it,” he says.

“But you’re not,” Lydia replies.

They take her to Deaton where she gets injected with mistletoe. With one last scream, she manages to break all the windows and passes out. She doesn’t wake up afterwards. Stiles begs and pleads for a few torturous seconds, and then she suddenly wakes up again. She sits up and sees her mom there. “Stiles saved me,” she tells her mother.

“Teen Wolf” Season 5B airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.