Outward - Fighting
Fighting in Outward demands both skill and technical knowledge Nine Dots Studio


  • Actions and status effects can negatively impact maximum stat values
  • Burnt stats can be recovered by resting or drinking teas and potions
  • Sleeping restores health and stamina but reduces max mana

Unlike other survival games, "Outward" demands a bit more care and attention when maintaining a character's overall well-being. Apart from worrying about food, thirst and temperature conditions, players need to deal with the slow degradation of their HP, mana and stamina bars over time.

This degradation mechanic is simply referred to in the game as "burning." Certain actions, status effects and events can cause maximum mana, health and stamina values to decrease, eventually lowering their combat potential once enough points get blacked out.

There are several ways to deal with this.


The easiest and least expensive way to restore health and stamina is sleeping. Resting on a bed, tent or bed roll will restore roughly 12% HP and stamina per hour. On the other hand, this will also burn the player's maximum mana by about 5% per hour spent sleeping.

This isn't necessarily the best way to recover burnt stats. Players need to dedicate some hours to guarding their camp when sleeping outside, reducing the total amount of time they can spend sleeping. Inns aren't always better either since resting in them can drain a player's wallet of Silver in no time.

Using Consumables

Outward - Pot
Advanced recipes can be cooked in either a Kitchen or Cooking Pot Outward

There are tons of potions and food items that can be eaten to regain lost stats. The three most basic ones are the Bitter Spicy, Mineral, and Soothing Teas. These drinks restore stamina, health and mana, respectively. They use ingredients that are fairly common in the wilderness, and they only need to be brewed over a Cooking Pot.

The amount of burnt stats restored by each unit of tea is a bit lower than an hour's worth of sleep, but they can be drunk at any time, making them great as part of pre-combat preparations.

Additionally, there are more effective variants available in the game. Endurance Potions restore stamina, Life Potions affect health and Astral Potions recover max mana. Potions are brewed using Alchemy Kits, and they tend to be more expensive in terms of both purchase price and the quality of materials used to craft them.

Outward - City
Outward features several distinct zones with their own unique themes Nine Dots Studio