It's been 20 years since the little town of Woodstock was turned into Punxsutawney for the Bill Murray comedy classic Groundhog Day, but the Chicago suburb is still still feeling the impact.

In fact, the locals are for several days celebrating the anniversary of the shooting of the Harold Ramis film in which a weatherman is forced to relive the same day over and over.

The film showcases our city so well, Pam Moorhouse, chairwoman of the Groundhog Days Committee, told the Chicago Tribune. People watch the movie and can envision themselves in those roles as they walk around.

How Groundhog Day is that?

Many of the locations used for the film are still recognizable and several are marked by plaques detailing which scenes were shot there, including the Woodstock Square that served as Gobbler's Knob for the Groundhog Day prognostication, as well as the bed and breakfast where Murray's character stayed.