U.S. singer Lady Gaga listens to a question during a news conference
U.S. singer Lady Gaga listens to a question during a news conference in Taipei July 4, 2011. Lady Gaga will be in Taiwan from July 1-5 to promote her latest album "Born This Way". REUTERS

Lady Gaga is more than a singer. She is an icon. The pop musician is known not just for her songs, but also for her outrageous fashion, music videos, and recently, her politics.

Gaga continues to change her image while maintaining a mysterious integrity. She is one of the most popular contemporary artists in the world and she has traveled the globe performing and meeting dignitaries.

She has the second most watched video in YouTube history, just one spot behind Justin Beiber. But, all of her music videos have tens of millions of views, if not hundreds of millions. A new Lady Gaga video is an event that fans wait for with bated breath.

Her song Born This Way has become an anthem for the Gay Rights movement, and she has spoken out in defense of gay marriage.

Here is the definitive top ten list of Lady Gaga music videos. Scroll down to see them all, counted down from 10 to one.

10) Edge of Glory (2011)

One of Gaga's simplest videos, this is a great video for a great song. Highlight: Saxophone player.

9) Judas (2011)

One of her newest videos, the YouTube version has a measly 80 million views.

8) Love Game (2009)

Typically strange, introduced the world to the disco stick

7) Eh, Eh, (Nothing Else I Can Say) (2009)

Lady Gaga has never looked prettier than in this Little Italy themed video.

6) Just Dance (2008)

Gaga's first single and first video. I wish I was invited to this party.

5) Poker Face (2008)

This can probably be considered her break through hit. It wasn't her first single, but the video and song defined who Lady Gaga would become much more than Just Dance did.

4) Alejandro (2010)

The Spanish/fascist video is both scary and titillating.

3) Born This Way (Extended Version) (2011)

It's hard to say that this is one of the weirdest Gaga videos, because they are all so weird, but the extended introduction to the song is particularly strange. The music video starts around the 2:40 mark.

2) Telephone (2010)

A literally epic music video, Telephone features pop queen Beyoncé. There are a number of movie references in the video, including homages to Kill Bill and Thelma and Louise.

1) Bad Romance (2009)

With nearly 400 million YouTube views, it is clearly the top Lady Gaga video there is.