Most people would agree that exercising is a lot more fun when there’s great fast-paced music blasting in your ears as you pound the pavement. That last song can certainly help you get through the final minutes of your workout, and Spotify is trying to help you do just that. The music streaming service has compiled a list of the most popular workout songs, to give you something to look forward to at your next fitness session.

Exercising is essential to losing weight, and during the winter season, more people tend to skip their workouts as opposed to other times of the year. Avoid this mistake by making the gym, or a home workout, part of your daily routine. You should set aside 30 minutes at least to work up a sweat, and it does not have to be at the gym. Burning calories can be achieved through running outside, yoga, pilates, weight training, going to the pool, or simply playing with your children. In addition to promoting weight loss, exercising also helps you deal with stress and suppresses your appetite.

Get the most out of your exercise regimen by adding these 10 most popular workout songs to your playlist, courtesy of Spotify.

10. Holdin On by Flume

9. This Is What It Feels Like by Armin van Buuren, Trevor Guthrie

8. Tonight Is The Night by Outasight

7. You Make Me by Avicii

6. Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia, John Martin

5. Timber by Pitbull, Ke$ha

4. Wake Me Up by Avicii

3. Roar by Katy Perry

2. Work B—ch by Britney Spears

1. The Monster by Eminem, Rihanna

Exercise not your favorite way to lose weight? Check out these tips to help promote weight loss:

-Never skip meals. Many people falsely believe that if they skip breakfast, they will consume fewer calories during the day and lose weight. However, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and skipping that meal most likely leads to more weight gain. Breakfast revs up your metabolism and gives you the energy necessary to begin your day. It also helps keep you from overeating snack foods later on in the day. Just make sure your breakfast is healthy and nutritious and includes fiber, like oatmeal, which keeps you feeling fuller longer.

Avoiding high-fat foods is a simple change in your diet that will lead to weight loss. Cutting back on foods high in fat will most likely lead to you cutting down on the calories. Changes to your diet could be as simple as swapping candy for fruit and white bread for whole wheat.