• Trump and Biden faced off in their second and final presidential debate
  • The president promised to release his tax records but gave no specific date
  • He also claimed the coronavirus pandemic would "go away"

The second and final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden has just wrapped up after a series of sharp exchanges over various topics, including the coronavirus pandemic. 

Each candidate was given two minutes at the start of the debate to answer questions thrown by debate moderator and NBC News White House correspondent and Kristen Welker. The 90-minute event was also divided into six 15-minute segments that touched on different topics.  

Here are the top quotes from President Trump in the final presidential debate:


“It will go away and as I say, we’re rounding the turn, we’re rounding the corner. It’s going away.”

Coronavirus cases in the U.S. have seen another resurgence in recent weeks. The country still leads the world in total confirmed cases, with more than 8.4 million people infected with the virus, Johns Hopkins University data shows. 

On Wednesday, health officials have reported more than 63,000 new cases, with the average new cases daily climbing to 59,990. The seven-day total of new cases also rose by up to 15% over recent weeks. 

During a town hall event earlier this week, Trump said he does not plan to change his approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also claimed that a potential vaccine could arrive before the end of the year, CNN reported. 

On Campaign Funds

“I could blow away your records like you wouldn’t believe. We don’t need money. We have plenty of money.”

President Trump dismissed reports that said he was struggling with fundraising money for his reelection campaign. During the final debate, he told the audience that he had more than enough money in his bank account. 

Biden and the Democratic Party have raised a whopping $383 million in September, whereas Trump and the GOP got $247.8 million. 

On Tax Records

“First of all, I called my accountants under audit. I’m going to release them as soon as we can. I want to do it. And it will show how successful, how great this company is. But much more important than that, people were saying $750. I asked them a week ago. I said, what did I pay? They said sir, you prepaid tens of millions of dollars. I prepaid my tax.”

President Trump promised to release his tax returns after Biden accused him of receiving money from foreign countries, including Russia and China. While Trump claimed he would release his taxes soon, he refused to name a specific date, The New York Times reported.

The comment comes after the publication revealed that Trump only paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017. Tax records obtained by The New York Times also showed that the president did not pay income taxes in 10 of 15 years. 

On His Relationship with Kim Jong Un

“We have a different kind of relationship. We have a very good relationship, and there’s no war.”

President Trump boasted that his relationship with Kim Jong Un was “good” days after the North Korean leader rolled out a new intercontinental ballistic missile during a parade in the country’s capital. 

North Korea has continued to produce nuclear materials, which violates prohibitions from the United Nations Security Council. While North Korea has not presented a major issue in Trump’s reelection campaign, the growing nuclear threat will likely transcend the November 3 election and remain a concern to U.S. national security, Military Times reported. 

On Coronavirus Relief Bill

“Nancy Pelosi does not want to approve it. We are ready, willing, and able to do something. Don’t forget, we have already approved three plans, and it’s gone through — including the Democrats, in all fairness. This one she does not want, it’s near the election, because she thinks it helps her politically. I think it hurts her politically.”

President Trump claimed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is preventing a coronavirus relief deal despite participating in weeks of negotiations with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. According to the California Democrat, both party leaders are now ironing out spending issues, including aid to local and state governments. 

Trump’s remarks come after Senate Democrats blocked a $500 billion GOP-backed bill that did not include provisions for a second round of direct payments to millions of Americans. 

On Migration

“But a lot of these kids come out without the parents. They come over through cartels and through coyotes and through gangs.”

An explosive report released this week revealed that, in hundreds of cases, lawyers were unable to find the deported parents of the 545 migrant children who were separated from their families under the Trump administration. 

The findings come months after heart-wrenching images of crying children being taken from their parents at the border circulated on various social media platforms. 

When asked whether he had plans to reunite the children with their families, Trump said the administration is “working on it.”

On Racism and the Black Community

“I am the least racist person in this room.”

During the debate, Trump expressed his disappointment for being criticized for his unfavorable stance on the Black Lives Matter movement and for the racial climate in the country. He also said he has “a great relationship with all people” and claimed he “got criminal justice reform done.”

The criticism came after George Floyd, a Black man, was killed while in custody of the Minneapolis Police. The incident, which was caught on video, showed a white Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the victim’s neck even after he said he “I can't breathe.” The victim died shortly after the incident.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has dismissed Donald Trump's "photo-ops" with Kim as a "vanity project Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump are pictured. Photo: AFP / JIM BOURG