You're just dying to show off the new iPad or iPhone you've bagged this Christmas. The only problem... you may not want to admit it but you're clueless when it comes to figuring out the hottest apps to download.

With thousands of apps making their way to the market every year, it can be quite overwhelming for someone whose knowledge of apps stops with Angry Birds.

Apple newbies can rest assured. This handy guide to the top ten free apps is guaranteed to put your shame to rest.

1. Facebook - This is, of course, one of the most heavily used and a must have for every device! The Facebook app makes it easy to check and post status updates all through the day. The interface allows you to navigate quickly and provides room for interaction.

2. Flipboard - Flipboard has finally made its long overdue arrival on the iPhone and is a pleasure to use while browsing through Twitter, Facebook or other social media Web sites. With visually stunning elements splashed across a sleek magazine-like layout, you can now surf the web in style.

3. Photosynth - This Microsoft creation is a top favorite with users of both the iPad and the iPhone. It allows you to, by simply panning your camera, quickly capture panoramic 360-degree gyroscopic images.

4. Google Translate - This awesome app helps you quickly translate spoken words into other languages. Besides being able to translate across 60 languages, you can also bookmark notable translations for future reference.

5. Oink - Oink is a wonderful app that lets your inner critic post reviews and draw user feedback. By using this app, you can rate just about anything from your favorite pizza joint to a rare piece of art. By building credibility around the subject through reviews and pictures, this app will help you find the best items or places in town.

6. Skype - In this day and age, we require more than basic phone calls and text messages to communicate with each other. Skype lets us do just that. This app allows free (Skype-to-Skype) voice and video calls, over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks. Be sure to download the 3.5 version, which offers anti-shake video calls.

7. Mint for iPad - What a convenient way to manage your bank account! The personal finance app helps you perfectly manage your budgets while tracking accounts from debit cards, credit cards, loans and investments portfolios. The app also provides advice on spending habits, along with bill reminders and account alerts.

8. Slacker Radio - Turn up the heat with this outstanding streaming music service that gives you access to over a million songs with excellent sound quality. You can even cache your favorite radio stations on your iPhone or iPad without a wireless connection, by subscribing to Slacker Radio Plus.

9. Netflix - This entertainment app gives you instant access over a Wi-Fi connection to streaming television shows and movies with great picture and sound quality. The Netflix app also gives you the chance to add star recommendations to favorites. Although the app is free, you'll need to subscribe to the service to take advantage of the streaming content.

10. Words with Friends - It's not just Angry Birds getting rave reviews. Words with Friends is a highly addictive app that is similar to Scrabble. With over 20 million people playing, this game is a must-have on every iPad and iPhone.