China Dismayed by Australian Ban on Huawei

China expressed consternation over the decision of the Australian government to ban telecommunications giant Huawei from competing in its new national broadband network over concerns for cybersecurity.

Falcone Mulls Voluntary Bankruptcy For LightSquared

Hedge fund manager Philip Falcone said in an interview on Wednesday he is seriously considering filing a voluntary bankruptcy for LightSquared, the struggling telecom startup in which his Harbinger Capital Partners is the majority owner.

Verizon To Offer Integrated Wireless Video Service

Verizon Communications Inc, the nation's largest 4G LTE network and largest and most reliable 3G network provider, is now aiming to offer an integrated video service for its wireless customers, reports the Wall Street Journal. The company has also announced to expand its Long Term Evolution (LTE) network to more than 25 towns in Middle Tennessee outside of Nashville within next few weeks.

Verizon plans wireless video service: WSJ

Verizon Communications Inc is aiming to offer an integrated video service for its wireless customers, its FiOS customers and its cable partners as soon as this holiday season, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing the telephone company's chief executive.

Australia PM Stands by Huawei Ban Despite China Plea

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard backed a ban on Chinese telecoms firm Huawei from tendering for major government contracts on Thursday after Beijing raised concerns about fair treatment for Chinese firms.

Symantec Cuts Ties With Huawei in Wake of Australian Cyber Security Concerns

Less than four years ago, American Internet security firm Symantec struck a deal with Chinese infrastructure equipment manufacturer Huawei Technologies, joining forces to develop computer network security products. However, in the wake of increasing cyber security concerns piling up against Huawei, Symantec decided to exit the venture, fearing that it would prevent it from gaining access to U.S. government classified information regarding cyber threats.

Australia, Huawei Lock Horns Over Cyber Security Concerns

Huawei, China's largest equipment manufacturer, has just lost a shot at billions of dollars worth of infrastructure sales to Australia. In light of China's reputation for cyber-espionage, the Australian government has decided to block Huawei from bidding on Australia's roughly AUS$36 billion National Broadband Network project. The decision was reported on March 26.

China's Huawei Down but Not out in Australia

China's Huawei Technologies still hopes to win contracts to build Australia's $38 billion National Broadband Network, despite being blocked from bidding on cyber security concerns, and is ready to make concessions to do so.

FCC Proposal could Help Dish Wireless Plan

Communications regulators proposed on Wednesday a path for making satellite airwaves available for mobile broadband use, a rulemaking that could help Dish Network Corp launch a wireless cellular network.

What is Spectrum Crunch? Data Plans to Evolve as new LTE iPad 3 Roars Over Wireless Networks

New iPad users who've purchased the 4G LTE-enabled variant have begun hitting their data plan limits only days after taking their new toy out of the box. There are many reasons for this, and several ways to combat it, but another more comprehensive problem is being unmasked in this situation. As more and more mobile internet devices connect to cellular antennas, carriers have to make more room for them. Additionally, carriers are looking into new shared data plans so people don't need to h...

New iPad 3 Overheating: Why ‘Heatgate’ Claims Are ‘Overblown’

According to some thermal imaging tests, while running graphics-heavy tasks, Apple's newest device runs as much as 10 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than iPad 2. However Apple said there's no problem with the heating issue as the device operates well within thermal specifications. Read on for more insights.

NetZero to Offer Free Wi-Fi Broadband Teaser for 1 Year, No Contract

Back in 1998, NetZero was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to offer free dial-up Internet access. More than a decade later, the ISP is doing the same thing, but with today's access technology - mobile broadband. On Monday, March 19, NetZero announced its plans to become a virtual 4G service provider by reselling Clearwire's WiMAX bandwidth.

Best Data Plan for New iPad: Will iPad Run on the Sprint Network?

Shopping for mobile broadband data plans just got a bit more interesting because the new iPad is 4G LTE enabled, so you can pull down super-fast speeds from AT&T or Verizon. But, iPad will not run on the Sprint network, at least not until summer when Sprint begins powering up its own LTE antenna network.

Barnes & Noble Hires Former Cable Exec as CFO

Barnes & Noble Inc. (NYSE: BKS) hired a chief financial officer with extensive experience in cable broadcasting, particularly with that industry's spin-offs as well as mergers and acquisitions, the New York-based company said Monday.