Now Indian tech freaks can pull their socks up as the leading network provider Bharti Airtel has launched Broadband Wireless Access or BWA services in Kolkata on Tuesday.

According to the company, this fourth generation mobile services initiative will make India one of the very first countries to commercially launch and deploy this cutting-edge technology.

The service will offer high speed wireless internet access for video streaming and high-definition video conferencing at a lightning speed. The company also insisted that the launch of 4G service will initiate a new phase of accelerated and all-encompassing economic growth along with fundamental changes in the society.

The 4G services will also be available in Pune, Chandigarh and Bangalore soon, reported Airtel.

Today's launch is a major milestone for India and Airtel. Over the past 15 years Airtel has been at the forefront of India's telecom revolution and has set the technology trends in India by aligning with the global standards. We are delighted to now provide leadership in setting the technology standard for 4G services in India by introducing the cutting edge TD-LTE, Bharti Airtel chairman Sunil Mittal said.

Earlier, the telecom company announced that the Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE had helped it plan, design, supply and deploy its BWA network in Kolkata.

ZTE has applied for 381 essential patents (EPs) for LTE standards, making it approximately seven percent of the total number of EP applications globally. Reportedly, the company has won 30 contracts for LTE commercial application and has successfully deployed test networks in cooperation with more than 100 operators across the globe.

We are glad to be a part of Airtel's foray into LTE services for the first time in India, said Cui Liangjun, chief executive officer, ZTE India. ZTE is fully determined to build a strong LTE ecosystem that offers a scintillating experience for Internet users.

Bharti Airtel will deploy its LTE network in the 2.3 GHz frequency band as approved by the Indian government for broadband wireless access technologies.

How Successful Was The Indian 3G Network?

Indian telecom companies launched 3G services only a couple of years back and the service till date got nothing but only lukewarm response from users.

While the 3G networks and 3G data speeds are still at the rudimentary level, the data charges are obnoxiously priced, reported users. Also, issues regarding the poor coverage of the 3G service (it is limited to cities alone) and absence of unlimited data plans never let the 3G service fly high in India.

Now that the leading Indian telecom company has launched 4G, a successor to the 3G and 2G families and expected to be five times quicker than 3G services, users are more anxious to know the price of the data package as they assume that most of them would be skyrocketing as usual.

Steep Tariff plans: How 4G Service Will Help Indian Youth? Or...Can It Help?

As stated by the Airtel chairman Sunil Mittal, the 4G will bring revolution in the social development and will create an exciting future. The intriguing question here is how can an Internet plan priced so audaciously high bring about social change?

The 4G tariff plan starts at Rs 999 a month for 6GB of data. However, the dongle is priced at Rs 7,999, compared to the 3G dongles which are priced at around Rs 2,500.

The target audience is the youth population revealed the company Chairman. How students will afford this pricey service in coming days is something to watch out for.

Do post us your feedback on the price and expected services of Bharti Airtel 4G network.

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