Why Was the Natalie Wood Case Reopened After 30 Years?

The puzzling circumstances surrounding Hollywood icon Natalie Wood's death from drowning in 1981 have remained a mystery for more than 30 years. Although some followers had hoped for some long last resolution at when the case was reopened in November 2011, William McSweeney, chief of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, says it is very unlikely that any new information will emerge at this point.

New US Work Visa Regulations To Hit Indian IT Companies Badly

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is set to adapt a tougher visa regime that makes getting H-1B nonimmigrant visas harder for the U.S. companies. Once implemented, the DOL decision will hurt several companies that hire cheap and skilled workers from countries like India and China.

Gu Kailai Escapes Death Sentence for Heywood Murder

The death penalty, with a two-year reprieve, usually equates to a life sentence in China. Under the terms of the sentence, Gu will be spared execution if she does not commit any further crimes in the next two years.

Bahraini Human Rights Activist Jailed For Three Years

A prominent human rights activist in Bahrain has been sentenced to three consecutive year-long sentences for participating in what the courts characterized as "illegal gatherings," referring to activities connected to the country's ongoing popular uprising.

John Wayne Gacy Jr. Letter Surfaces On Reddit: Convicted Killer Asked Activist Luis Kutner For Help [FULL TEXT]

John Wayne Gacy, Jr., who was convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering at least 33 young men and teenage boys in the 1970s, had apparently tried to get his case seen by a new lawyer that might help him find justice. On Wednesday, Reddit user "Shipyaad" submitted a photo of an aged, worn-down letter, allegedly written from Gacy to Mr. Luis Kutner, the famous lawyer and activist from Chicago who co-founded Amnesty International.

Kim Kardashian Wants To Finalize Divorce So She Can Marry Kanye West: REPORT

Kim Kardashian reportedly wants her divorce from Kris Humphries finalized as soon as possible so she can marry Kanye West, Radar Online reported. Kardashian has been known to fall in and out of love quite quickly when she married NBA star Kris Humpries after mere months of dating, and then publicly divorcing him a famous 72 days later.