Social media personality Trisha Paytas’ recent YouTube video has left some fans confused about her livelihood. The 32-year-old’s name began trending on Twitter on Thursday after she shared a video of herself wearing a Domino’s Pizza shirt that is worn by employees of the chain.

In the video, Paytas is seen wearing a black Domino’s Pizza shirt and talking into the camera from the front seat of a car. She explains the shirt is an ode to her favorite pizza place. Paytas claimed she wanted to wear a Domino’s shirt as she picked up a pie from her favorite pizza restaurant.

Paytas has posted other videos of her eating not just from Domino’s but other fast-food chains. This video was the first to include her wearing a chain’s uniform, suggesting that it might have been a move to generate attention for either her or the brand.

In the past, the star has posted several videos about her love of McDonald’s and some of her favorite items from the menu. On Dec. 29, she announced the fast-food giant would be sponsoring her upcoming wedding to fiancé Moses Hacmon.

Paytas claimed that a Domino’s employee wearing a blue shirt was impressed with her black top. Although Paytas told the employee she wished she had a blue shirt like his, he informed her that the black top is only worn by managers.

Paytas’ video wearing the shirt and eating the pizza generated a variety of comments on social media. Many assumed that the YouTuber took on a job as a Domino’s Pizza delivery person.

“Trisha Paytas working at a Domino’s leads me to believe that she is the world’s most avant-garde performance artist, my brain is absolutely cracking,” one user tweeted in response to the outfit.

Another on Twitter posted: “Imagine ordering a pizza from Domino’s, and Trisha Paytas rolls up to your door and asks for a tip, her pink Rolls Royce in your driveway next to your Ford Focus.”

“If Trisha Paytas delivers my pizza, I’m sending it back and ordering Little Caesars,” one tweet read.

There has been no confirmation from Paytas that she works for Domino's. In her video, she explained that she has been filming from her car lately because she is in the process of moving from her home.

Paytas' Twitter profile reads: "your local internet hooker!" and has just under 690,000 followers.

Paytas created her YouTube channel blindsundoll4mj in 2006 and has since acquired more than 4.8 million subscribers and 1 billion views. Some of her recent videos include her getting a Starbucks order, purchasing a Birkin from Paris Hilton's line, and eating a McDonald's holiday pie.

Celebrity Net Worth, a site that tracks public figures' wealth, estimated that Paytas is worth $4 million.

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