True Blood
Lafayette is forced to tell Sam some bad news over the phone in episode seven of “True Blood.” HBO/Screenshot


The “True Blood” sixth season is quickly coming to a close. This season, the poor residents (human and supernatural) of Bon Temps and Shreveport have been through a lot -- and in episode seven things will only get worse.

In a preview of episode seven, “In the Evening,” viewers watched as Sam told Nicole that he has to go back to Bon Temps -- despite Alcide’s threat from the wolfpack. Well, thanks to special sneak peek of “In The Evening,” fans of the HBO series will find out why Sam has to return before the episode is shown.

“Hey man I just wanted to check on you after the other night,” Sam says on a pay phone to Lafayette. “No, not really,” Lafayette tells him. “S--t, did they come for you?” Sam asks.

An uncomfortable Lafayette breaks the news, “Sam -- Terry is dead.” “What?” Sam counters with a confused and hurt look. “F--k.”

Getting off the phone, Sam heads back into the room he’s sharing with Nicole. “Call your mother and tell her to come get you,” he tells her solemnly. “Why, what happened?” she asks with concern. “I gotta go back to Bon Temps. It’s not safe for you there,” he warns her. “Why is it safe for you?” Nicole fires back. “It’s not,” he says, explaining that his friend died. “Not being there is not an option.”

“True Blood” viewers will have to wait and see what happens when Sam returns to town, but judging by the end of the season trailer recently released at Comic-Con International: San Diego, nothing good will come of it. The trailer shows Alcide catching up with not only Sam -- but Nicole as well, leading us to believe that she didn’t listen to Sam and call her mom. While their fates are currently up in the air, we do know that Nicole will be getting a pretty brutal slap from Rikki.

Episode seven, “In The Evening,” will be shown on HBO Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. Watch the sneak peek of the episode below, as well as “True Blood’s” Comic-Con trailer: