The seventh and final season of “True Blood” is quickly approaching. That means fans will finally find out what happened to Alexander Skarsgård’s Viking vampire, Eric.

HBO viewers will remember that Eric took off after helping his vampire friends escape Governor Burrell’s vamp camp. Despite Pam’s pleas to stay, the former Fangtasia owner flew off to relax in the sun on a snowy Swedish mountain top. But unfortunately for everyone’s favorite bad boy vampire, Warlow’s blood wore off, leaving him naked, vulnerable and in flames during the Season 6 finale.

Pam left Tara and Willa to search for her maker, but Eric’s situation wasn't looking good when the season ended.

 Skarsgård will definitely be reprising his role as Eric in Season 7, as we previously reported. But until now, a scoop on Eric has been kept under wraps. The 37-year-old actor recently spoke to TV Guide about the fate of his character and what fans can expect when “True Blood” premieres on June 22.

So, how will Eric manage to appear in Season 7 after bursting into flames? According to Skarsgård, Eric’s final location may be helpful to his survival.

“He’s surrounded by a lot of wet snow,” Skarsgård teased TV Guide. “That might give you a hint [about Eric’s fate]. The environment of northern Sweden helps him quite a bit.”

With that mystery somewhat solved, the actor also opened up about where the final 10 episodes will lead his character. And, unfortunately for Sookie and Eric shippers, it’s not into the arms of the blonde half-faerie.

“He realizes he’s not the best guy for her,” Skarsgard explained of the pair potentially rekindling their romance. But that doesn’t mean he’s staying away from all Stackhouse’s. “True Blood” viewers can look forward to an “erotic sex scene” between Jason and Eric.

“It was written like an Argentinean telenovela, totally over the top,” he dished of the scene with Jason’s Ryan Kwanten. “It was tough because Ryan is incredibly funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Other than a steamy sex scene between Eric and Jason, fans can also look forward to the Viking vamp getting a new love interest. The supposed new woman in his (undead) life is Sylvie. A casting call said that the HBO show was looking for a woman in her 20s who's “drop-dead gorgeous,” can speak fluent French and is comfortable with full frontal nudity. Viewers will have to wait and see if she’s supernatural or human, but fortunately the wait won’t be long. She’s set to appear in episode 2 on June 29 and that means that Eric might be resurfacing on-screen then as well.

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