Angelina Jolie
Actress and director Angelina Jolie arrives ahead of the Service of Commemoration and Dedication, marking the 200th anniversary of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George at St Paul's Cathedral in London, England, June 28, 2018. Getty Images/ Leon Neal

A recent report that claimed actress Angelina Jolie was growing increasingly jealous of star Jennifer Aniston’s “rising Netflix success,” was debunked by Gossip Cop.

The rumor was started by an article on Radar Online, titled “Angelina ‘Pissed As Hell’ Over Jen’s Rising Netflix Success, Says Source.” The article suggested Jolie was getting jealous of all the attention Aniston was receiving for her “upcoming lead role for Netflix’s new show ‘First Ladies’” where the “Friends” actress was portraying the role of a first female president in the United States, alongside comedian Tig Notaro, who plays her wife.

“It’s really irked Angelina, who thought she was the Netflix darling after ‘First They Killed My Father,’ but now she’s playing second fiddle to Jen and she’s pissed as hell over it,” the publication cited an unnamed source as saying.

The piece goes on to suggest Aniston’s career was “hotter” than Jolie’s at the present as the latter was more focused on battling her former husband Brad Pitt in the court over a custody arrangement. In the meantime, Aniston reportedly grabbed the opportunity to prove she had “more clout in Hollywood when it comes to this stuff,” the source said.

“Angie’s misery movies are of more limited appeal to the studio chefs [Sic],” the source added. “The view among her bosses is that Jen’s the female answer to Adam Sandler, and they’re prepared to pay her handsomely to make this and a bunch of other movie.”

Gossip Cop started by pointing out Radar Online not only tried to spread a bogus rumor, it also got a number of major facts wrong in its attempt. Firstly, “First Ladies” was not a Netflix “show” but rather a comedy film on the network. The only TV show Aniston has signed up in the recent times is an untitled Apple drama series, alongside Reese Witherspoon, which has got nothing to do with Netflix.

And as for the “Maleficent” actress only doing “misery movies,” the publication failed to mention she had been busy shooting for movies like “Maleficent 2”, and “Come Away” – both of which were family-friendly movies and hence were likely to appeal to a larger demographic of audience.

In the same article, the gossip-mongering website tried to restart a rumor that was started by it in the past, which claimed Aniston was “ecstatic” to see Jolie “miserable” during the latter’s “divorce drama” with her former husband, Pitt. This rumor was rubbished by Aniston’s own spokesperson.

Putting an end to the current rumor, a confidante of Jolie told Gossip Cop the career successes of the actress’ so-called “nemesis” was “not even on her Radar,” which was not surprising, what with her juggling her work commitments, the co-parenting of six children and battling Pitt over custody arrangements and finances.