Somebody get CTV anchor Andrew Johnson a dictionary. After a news report on CTV's Vancouver Island station, the Canadian anchorman accidentally propositioned co-worker Astrid Braunschmidt, asking if she wanted to "canoodle" before she delivered the weather.

After a video report on the local Union Bay featured a small segment on some townsfolk "canoodling" at the location in the past, CTV cut back to Johnson. The anchorman, who apparently believed the word meant "chat" rather than "kiss and caress," took a cue from the report and asked Braunschmidt if she was interested in canoodling.

'It's time now for a full look at your forecast with Astrid. Maybe we can canoodle before you get into it," Johnson propositioned.

Weather host Braunschmidt was understandably confused by the on-air request to make out, replying, "We are not going to be canoodling."

Johnson then cleared up his confusion about the word before the weather forecast aired. As scheduled, nobody got to first base on live television.

But hey, at least Braunschmidt has a sense of humor about the whole thing. After being told on Twitter that "the worst part of the #canoodling slip is that you rejected him," she replied. "Well we ARE married to other ppl. Lol."

Honestly, there's not much one can say about this video. It's like the Grand Canyon: you have to experience it yourself to truly take in the majesty. Watch the embedded news report below.