• Joe Biden called a liar on Twitter because many people didn't receive a $2000 check 
  • Some defended Biden saying he has been in office for 11 days only, so they should give him a break
  • The "#BidenLied" hashtag is trending on Twitter, but many used it to share photos of their pets

Twitter users slammed President Joe Biden for allegedly failing to deliver the promised $2,000 stimulus checks.

Those who have been waiting for the stimulus checks were expecting $2,000. However, they didn't receive the said amount and many took to Twitter and called the POTUS out because he lied, according to them. Many of them even used the hashtag "#BidenLied" and made it trend on the micro-blogging site.

"@JoeBiden lied to everyone. He’s done it before. Now he’s campaigned in GA on a lie. $2,000 is NOT $1400. Griping about $600 when trillions are spent on bailouts of corporations," one tweeted.

"In true @JoeBiden fashion #BidenLied No $2,000 checks, no Covid plan, killed fracking. List goes on," another wrote.

"No one is expecting Joe fu--ing Biden to sweep in and fix all the problems, lord knows he's not that spry. But i do expect him to live up to the actual PROMISES HE MADE. 2 of which are 2000 checks day1 and children being removed from cages. He didnt do either of these things," a different user added.

"$2,000 checks immediatly" - Joe Biden $1400 does not equal $2000. Where's my $2,000?" another asked.

"@JoeBiden Do not let #BlueMAGA or #BlueAnon gaslight you. The promise was $2000, not $1400 checks. #BidenLied," another wrote

Meanwhile, some defended Biden and said they should not treat the POTUS that way and should wait a little longer because he has just taken over the office in less than two weeks.

"Biden did not lie. He has only been in office for 11 days and has done more than any President has done in the first two weeks. He is working on it. I for one did not vote for Biden because of a promise of money. He is and we are trying to save our country. A check is coming," one wrote.

"GOOD GOD, Man. He's been in office 11 days. Give the man a stinking break, ffs," another added.

Meanwhile, many also pointed out that the hashtag "#BidenLied" has been misused with a lot of netizens using it to post cute photos of cats and dogs to make it trending. Others said they still got $2,000 from the first $600 check and $1,400 check.

"TBH, he said 2,000 which after you take the paltry 600 off, becomes 1,400. I love Joe Biden, he’s for the people!" one wrote.

"#BidenLied hashtag is a sham. Biden at this rate is going to be the best president in history. You'll see," another wrote.

"I trust Mr President Joe Biden, I don't care about #BidenLied hashtag," a different netizen wrote to show support for Biden.

"The #BidenLied hashtag is 50% cats 10% kpop 30% 2k checks and 10% Republicans complaining how Biden voted in the 70s," another wrote

Biden announced in January that the $600 stimulus check is not enough between paying rent and putting food on the table. He mentioned  $2,000 for the third-round payment that's why the people were coming after him.

US President Joe Biden Speaking after mass arrests of people demonstrating across Russia this weekend against President Vladimir Putin and the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, US President Joe Biden said he was "very concerned" Photo: AFP / JIM WATSON