• Sasha Obama is featured on several TikTok videos made by her friend
  • Obama's friend immediately deleted the videos after they went viral on Twitter
  • Netizens were sad the videos got deleted because they wanted to see more of Obama online

Sasha Obama is making the rounds online after a video of her rapping along to "City Girls" on TikTok was shared on Twitter. Many were surprised, but the majority were entertained and very impressed with the former first daughter.

Obama is not as visible on social media as other girls her age. But she sparked attention online because of a TikTok video made by her friend that also featured her. In the video, Obama could be seen rapping along to the song "City Girls." Since many were entertained, one netizen shared the TikTok clip on Twitter. Other videos of Obama and her friend dancing were also shared on the social networking platform.

"I enjoyed this very much lol," one commented.

"She look like she having fun. I’m happy for her,” another tweeted.

“Everybody block Barack and Michelle so Sasha can have fun,” one jokingly said.

Meanwhile, another pointed out that Obama has been present in the videos of her friend for quite some time already, and she was wondering why it took really long for other people to notice it.

"I’ve watched it a lot and the girl has a lot of videos with her in them and they have like no views, idk how this has gone so under the radar for so long," @ternjerler wrote.

However, many were also sad because the videos were immediately deleted after the public started noticing them. Many were disheartened because they wanted to see more TikTok videos of Barack and Michelle Obama's youngest daughter.

According to one netizen, it was Obama's friend's account, but the latter deleted it after the videos made it to Twitter. They allegedly didn't want to get too much attention online.

"Nooooo delete this. They went and deleted every tik tok. She’s not about to be able to do tiktoks anymore," one user wrote.

"Why were they deleted??? her daddy ain’t in office....and she grown?” another asked.

A different user suggested that maybe Obamad didn’t want to face the same criticisms her sister endured in the past. Whenever a video of Malia partying or doing regular stuff girls her age do landed online, the netizens would immediately call her out. A different user shared the same opinion saying, "She most likely dont wanna get attacked.”

Following the removal of the videos, several netizens discussed how sad it must have been to be the daughter of a former president because they felt that the 19-year-old still has too many restrictions.

Some said she could continue the videos with pride because "being the daughter of Barack Obama is the coolest thing ever." While others agreed, they also understood that it would be dangerous for her family's safety if she’s very visible on social media.

But many others still want to see more of her on TikTok. One even encouraged Obama and her friend to continue making entertaining videos on the app.

"Please let Sasha Obama be awesome. Don’t ruin her fun. If you see her on TikTok just laugh, appreciate, and keep on going. Don’t make her disappear. Respect Sasha Obama, let her rap, and wait for more," Mychal wrote.

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Jenna Bush Hager said she felt protective of the president's daughters after Malia Obama pregnancy rumors circulated. Reuters