A two-headed baby, Jesus and Emanuel, was born in Brazil this week.The baby suffers from the condition dicephalic parapagus, a rare form of twin conjoinment, leaving the child with one body, one heart, two backbones and two fully functioning brains.

Brazilian doctors say that they are unable to separate the newborn because it only has one set of organs, however the baby appears to be in good health.

Jesus and Emanuel is not the first two-headed baby to be born. There have been 14 reported cases of dicephalic parapagus, a rare form of conjoinment, over the past 200 years.

One of the most famous examples of dicephalic parapagus is Abigail and Brittany Hensel.The Hensel twins each have a separate head, but also have conjoined bodies. The difference between the Hensel twins and Jesus and Emanuel, is that they have two hearts, two stomachs, four lungs, and other non-shared organs.

We took a look at the case of Jesus and Emanuel as well as seven other birth defects such as conjoined twins, fused limbs, crainopagus parasiticus, anencephaly, Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, ectopia cordis and cyclopia.

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