• Two men were arrested in connection to the stabbing in East London
  • Three men from the Sikh community were stabbed and killed
  • Police claim the victims and the attackers likely knew each other

Two men were detained on charges of murder following the murders of three men who were stabbed to death.

Police believe it was a skirmish between groups of Sikh men. They initially responded to reports of a disturbance on Elmstead Road in East London on Sunday at 7.38 pm.

All three were believed to be in their 20s and 30s and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Speaking at the scene, Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman claimed the victims and the suspects seem to have known each other. He claimed the authorities believe the groups involved are the members of the Sikh community.

The three victims were all found within proximity of each other. Officers announced on Monday, though, they had arrested two men who were being held in suspicion of a murder case that sparked shock and calls for action on knifing incidences.

Video emerged, showing the victims of the murder lying on the floor after the attack. These were then spread on social media showing the bodies on the floor after medics tried to save their lives.

Some of the clips were so graphic they were removed from social media.

A witness at the scene claimed that one of the men cried for help as he lay dying in the street.

The owner of Seven Kings Cars, opposite Seven Kings station, stated a man with blood on his hands had allegedly approached him on Sunday evening asking for assistance after three people had been injured.

Nadeem Rana added he was shocked at the scene of the man with bloodied hands and that there were people on the ground in the street.

Police are still looking into the motive for the killings. Jas Athwal, the Redbridge council leader, was among the ones at the cordon were the men were dispatched.

He lives close to the area and is a part of the Sikh community.

He claimed such an incident was unheard of in terms of people from the Sikh community being participants in these types of crimes.

The mayor of London claimed extra police enforcement authority had been authorized within the area until Monday.

The mayor said the only way they are going to tackle violent crime is by focusing on catching the criminals by being tough on crime. It is also essential to combat the root causes of violence, including inequality and social alienation.

It is going to need a significant increase within the government funding for police, services, and the youth.

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