On the late night of May 11, two men were arrested in Midtown Manhattan,who were allegedly trying to buy weapons, including guns and a grenade, suspected of planning an attack on surrounding synagogues.

One of the men in his 20s allegedly was going to to sell drugs to get money for the weapons, ABC reported.

Officials have not announced the names of the pair, but an anonymous source annoucned their names to Fox News; Mohammad Mahdouh of Morocan descent, and Ahmed Serhani of Algerian descent.

This incident is expressed as the latest example of homegrown radicalization of Muslims, the very scenario law enforcement officials warned against after the murder of Osama bin Laden.

NYPD has been highly alert since bin Laden's death, and is now warned to strengthen the alertness.

Generally, major terrorism cases are investigated by the FBI and supported by the police. However, the FBI declined to pursue this case, and the investigation is now handled by the New York state DIstrict Attorny.

On May 12, the pair will appear in criminal court, charged under New York State terrorism law.