MAMA Awards
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  • A K-awards prediction account released its predictions for the winners of this year's MAMA Awards
  • Two artists are predicted to take home the daesang (grand prize)
  • Fans shared their reactions to the 2023 MAMA Awards winners predictions

K-pop groups from the third and fourth generations are predicted to take home the grand prize at the upcoming 2023 MAMA Awards.

The 2023 MAMA Awards will reportedly be held on Nov. 28 and 29, four months from now. However, a K-awards prediction account has begun to make predictions on which K-pop artists will take home the daesang, or grand prize.

Twitter user @KoWatermelon released their predictions, which were reportedly obtained by calculating the data collected in 2023 so far.

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) 10th Mini Album 'FML' Official Photo 𝐅𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐌𝐲 𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞 SEVENTEEN/Facebook

For the prestigious Artist of the Year award, the criteria are reportedly as follows: 20% digital score, 30% album sales, 10% global score, and 40% judge score. With the first three criteria, either SEVENTEEN or NewJeans is predicted to be crowned the 2023 MAMA Awards' Artist of the Year.

In the predictions list, runners-up for the Artist of the Year award are Stray Kids, IVE and BTS' Jimin at the third, fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

For the Album of the Year award, the criteria are 60% album sales and 40% judge score. Based on album sales, SEVENTEEN is leading the pack, with its "FML" album having sold over 5.9 copies. It is closely followed by Stray Kids' "5-Star" with over 5.2 million in album sales.

According to the predictions, the runners-up for the Album of the Year Award are Tomorrow X Together's "The Name Chapter: Temptation" with over 3.1 million album sales, aespa's "My World" with 2.1 million, and NCT Dream's "Candy" with 2 million.

For the Song of the Year award, "Ditto" by NewJeans is leading the predictions. Based on the criteria of 40% digital score, 20% global score and 40% judge score, NewJeans' hit song "Ditto's" score is currently 57.46, more than double the 27.92 score of runner-up "I AM" by IVE.

Other runners-up for the Song of the Year award are "Flower" by Jisoo with a score of 26.15, "Cupid" (Twin version) by FIFTY FIFTY with a score of 23.03, and "Candy" by NCT Dream with a score of 22.68.

After these predictions were shared on an online forum in South Korea, fans have been sharing their comments and reactions.

"Hybe [artists] will really sweep all the daesangs," commented one user, referring to the scores and ranks of NewJeans and SEVENTEEN.

"I feel like NewJeans will receive [two awards] this year. They've chewed on everyone since the beginning of the year. This year will be all about NewJeans," another user suggested, while another one said, "Honestly, you can't deny that the top male idol right now is SEVENTEEN."

[PHOTO] Jeans' ZINE 우천 시 취소 특집 Behind Cut @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter