Uma Thurman
Expectant: Uma Thurman at 41 Reuters

Uma Thurman's stalker is a free man, so long as he adheres to the prescribed therapy sessions five days a week. The man, Jack Jordan, 42, was convicted of stalking the Kill Bill actress in 2008 and was arrested last year for breaching his restraining order by calling the actress, according the New York Daily News.

I'm very guilty, your honor, said Jordan when the judged asked for his plea, according to the paper. I believe that's why I'm here. Jordan admitted to two criminal contempt charges and other counts and will be forced to live with his parents in Maryland while he receives two-years of psychiatric help.

Celeb-obsessed psychos are nothing new for Hollywood stars. Last Wednesday, a man charged with stalking Selena Gomez had his charges dismissed by a judge. Thomas Brodnicki was freed, after he'd reportedly told mental health workers he planned to kill Gomez, while he was being in a psychiatric ward prior to trial, according to CBS News. Brodnicki, who has a history of mental illness, in under a restraining order to stay away from the actress.