• A healthy immune system is your primary defense against viral infections
  • Boosting the immune system is important amid the coronavirus pandemic
  • Strengthen your immune system by including this fruit in your daily diet

The key to keeping infections at bay and help you feel vigorous and fit is having a strong and healthy immune system. You can achieve this by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. Adding one fruit to your regular diet would also help in a big way.

Remarkable Anti-Oxidant And Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Studies have shown that blackcurrant has remarkable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and has shown to boost your innate immune defenses. According to researchers, this fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, anthocyanins, polyphenolic substances, and gamma-linolenic acid or GLA. blackcurrant can help boost body's anti-viral defenses blackcurrant can help boost body's anti-viral defenses Photo: Public Domain Images - Pixabay

Mike Wakeman, a pharmacist, has elaborated on the importance of anthocyanins, a flavonoid, and type of compound with antioxidant effects, which blackcurrants contain lots of. He said that health experts are just starting to comprehend how vital these anthocyanins are in terms of maintaining the wellbeing. He added that these flavonoids are sometimes called “lifespan essential nutrients.”

Boosts The Body’s Defense System

According to Mr. Wakenman, anthocyanins belong to a micronutrient group called polyphenols. They are responsible for the purple color of blackcurrants and is also the reason why the fruit possess health-boosting properties. Wakenman revealed that polyphenol consumption of most people is not as high as it should be.

A study conducted by researchers from the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research suggests consuming blackcurrant improves your first line of defense against “opportunistic infection.” These include bacteria and seasonal viruses.

Japanese scientists also found that anthocyanins found in blackcurrants had an anti-viral effect against a host of diseases. The scientists were with the Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine, and the Leprosy Research Center and National Institute of Infectious Diseases located in Tokyo.

Now Is The Time To Shore Up The Body’s Defenses

With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging more than 180 countries and territories around the world, this would be the best time to shore up your body’s natural defenses. According to Nicki Bundock, director of CurraNZ, people are nowadays are looking for something that could help them stay healthy, particularly in these difficult times. He said that anthocyanins in blackcurrants, with its anti-viral properties, could help in this aspect