University of North Texas
A black student at the University of North Texas found a racial slur on her receipt after eating in the dining hall. The campus is pictured on November 1, 2017 in Denton, Texas. Cooper Neill/Getty Images

A black student in Texas said on Tuesday that she found a racial slur on the receipt that came with the meal she purchased from a restaurant inside her school's dining hall.

Chelsea Shaw, a Communications major at the University of North Texas, took to Twitter and posted an image of a Krispy Krunchy Chicken receipt that read the N-word in the space where the cashier would type in the customer’s name.

"I need answers..." she captioned the photo.

Shaw also tweeted that she had gone to management and told them what happened before she shared the photo.

Within hours of her post, dining services executive director Bill McNeace revealed that the school had fired the student chef responsible for the slur.

"We found out that it was not the cashier, it was actually the cook who did it," McNeace told North Texas Daily. "The cook came out and apologized to the manager. The cook, though, his employment has been terminated. As soon as we found out we let the person go."

Several other students at the school joined Shaw tweeting their ire directly at UNT’s President Neal Smatresk, who later issued a response regarding the matter.

"Our Mean Green family values respect and prides itself on inclusion," Smatresk said in a tweet. "It is completely unacceptable and not who we are as a community. We acted immediately to identify the person responsible and that person has been terminated."

"I'd be happy to meet with you,” he wrote in a subsequent tweet.

UNT spokeswoman Leigh Anne Gullett confirmed in a statement that the university had terminated the student’s employment at Krispy Krunchy Chicken. The school is investigating whether the former employee will receive additional punishment.

"This one incident is so contrary to who we are, to the shared values of the community," Gullett said. "I think that's clear in both what President Smatresk said and everything you see and hear when you're on our campus."

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