The Valentine's Day Google Doodle is a musical video that features an animated love story of a young boy who is trying to impress a girl, who is skipping rope, with various gifts and background track of Tony Bennett amazing performance of Hank Williams' classic blues ballad Cold, Cold Heart.

The Google Doodle's Valentine image shows a boy holding a red color card with a Google logo on the background.

Google Doodle Tells Animated Love Story on V-Day (Google)

The boy then seeks help from Google to win the girl's heart by giving her various gifts like flower, chocolates, clothes, toys etc., but he fails to impress her. At the end, he goes back to the girl with a skipping rope and joins her in the skipping, and finally wins the girls heart.

Google Doodle Tells Animated Love Story on V-Day (Google)

Google Doodle Tells Animated Love Story on V-Day (Google)

The doodle, created by Wille Real and Michael Lippy Lipman, ends with half-dozen tiles featuring couples that include an astronaut and an alien; a dog and a cat; and a frog and a prince.

According to Washington Post, Lipman says he can relate to this simple, but simply affecting, story.

That was every girl I met up until college ... , Lipman told Comic Riffs. The little girl who couldn't see the magic within [me] - she had many faces.

The doodle displays the message, Happy Valentine's Day! Cold, Cold Heart performed by Tony Bennett courtesy of Columbia Records and Sony/ATV.

However, the Google Doodle also indicates that when it comes to love even Google can't help it.

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Watch the Google Doodle animated love story here: