New stackable coins and coin piles featured in Valheim's Hearth and Home update
New stackable coins and coin piles featured in Valheim's Hearth and Home update Iron Gate


  • Always connect structure foundations to the ground for better integrity
  • Equipment can be used as decorative props by using Item Stands
  • Rest up and eat stamina-increasing food before building

With the Mistlands updates officially going live in the public version of "Valheim," now's the best time to brush up on how to build cozy homes near the dangerous new biome.

Here are four tips that new and experienced builders alike should know before making their dream houses.

Stamina Regeneration and Management

Placing and destroying tiles cost stamina. This can be somewhat of a pain, especially if players are trying to get their buildings done as soon as possible. As such, make sure to prepare some healthy, stamina-boosting food before starting construction. Try out the following options:

  • Salad
  • Eyescream
  • Carrot Soup
  • Muckshake
  • Queens Jam
  • Honey

Also, make sure to have the Rested buff active before building. This can be obtained even without a house or furniture by sitting next to a campfire (press X on the keyboard to sit down).

Valheim food table
In Valheim, eating food is essential to gaining more health, stamina and Eitr Valheim

Improve Structural Integrity

Vertical support pillars have the highest impact on the structural integrity of a building, so keep this in mind when designing houses with multiple floors or high roofs. Make sure that a support pillar is directly touching the ground to maximize its strength.

Integrity can be improved even further by using different building pieces. Wood Iron Poles and pillars made of stacked stone are more capable of handling weight than normal wooden beams. If needed, stone bricks can be braced with Wood Iron Poles to make them even stronger.

Flatten Terrain

When leveling the ground, make sure to stand perfectly still while using a hoe. This is because the tool uses the player as a point of reference. Leveling terrain will always be relative to where the hoe's user is standing.

To get rid of small bumps on the ground, hit the mounds of dirt with a pickaxe and hoe over them again.

Wall and Table Decorations

Inventory items like weapons, resources and consumables can be placed on surfaces by attaching them to Item Stands. This not only makes for good decorative flair, but it also frees up chest space.

Item Stands are particularly useful for designing trophy rooms or interactive armories where players can pick up weapons straight from wall displays.

Valheim cooking serpent meat
Serpent meat roasting over an iron cooking spit in Valheim Valheim