The Oscars 2022 saw Vanessa Hudgens, who was hosting the pre-show, fangirling over Nicole Kidman as she walked the red carpet with her husband, Keith Urban.

"I’m sorry, Keith, but I have to tell you, Nicole, I’m trying to hold myself upright right now because I have been such a fan of yours for so long," Hudgens said, to which Urban quickly responded, "Totally understand that. I’m right there with you."

Kidman, in return, also fangirled over Hudgens.

Hudgens and Kidman went on to praise each other's "amazing" outfits. Hudgens also congratulated Kidman for her Oscar nomination in the Best Actress category for the "Being the Ricardos" movie. However, it was actress Jessica Chastain who won the award.

Kidman shared her experience working on "Being the Ricardos," which was based on the life of the late actress Lucille Ball.

"I think just how brilliant she was," Kidman said. "The more I delved into her, the more I realized how hard it is to do comedy and the work she put into it. It was like this unraveling and pulling back the veil on this icon and finding the human being underneath."

Hudgens also praised Kidman's performance, and said she portrayed Ball's character "impeccably" on-screen.

"My husband and my kids would watch me in the living room while I was practicing but it was a slow, long journey. Right?" Kidman said, looking at Urban, who responded with a nod.

The 94th Academy Awards was held at Dolby Theatre located in Los Angeles. While the pre-show was hosted by Hudgens, the main event was hosted by Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes.

On the work front, Hudgens will be next seen in the TV series, "Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas," which is currently under post-production. The series will also star Anya Chalotra, Joe Manganiello, Ella Purnell, Ross Butler, Ross Butler and Jena Malone.

Kidman, on the other hand, is currently filming a TV series, "Expats." She will also feature in projects like "The Northman," "Roar" and DC's highly anticipated movie, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

In case you missed Chastain's Best Actress acceptance speech, watch it here.

Nicole Kidman has been allowed to circumvent Hong Kong's strict rules
Nicole Kidman has been allowed to circumvent Hong Kong's strict rules GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Chelsea Guglielmino