Versace H&M
Versace H&M has hit eBay and the prices have skyrocketed. This men's leather jacket is currently up for auction for $1,200.

The debut of Versace H&M in stores worldwide Saturday was certainly a spectacle, as shelves cleared in 30 minutes, fights broke out, and some were sent to the hospital -- all in the name of discounted designer fashion.

The lucky few who were able to score some of the bold prints and studded frocks are now hawking their purchases on eBay for exorbitantly ramped up prices.

The most expensive ticket is the Men's Leather Biker Jacket, in a large. This item is currently going for $1,200 on the auction site, plus $15 shipping fee. The jacket was selling in H&M for $299.

Another item on the digital auction block is the Silver Mesh Dress, size 8. This dress is going for a cool $999, whereas in the store it sold for just $249.

The much-coveted Gold Studded Leather Dress is on eBay for as much as $899.99 plus $12 shipping. This frock went for $299 in stores.

One of cheapest Versace H&M item for sale on eBay are the Floral Print Stampa Leggings. This item is marked for $129.99 with currently just one bid of $0.99. These leggings sold at H&M for $29.95.

Check out the entire collection on eBay here.

Many predicted the eBay transition for Versace H&M. The same occurrence happened with the Missoni for Target collection which popped up on eBay within days for quadruple the price.

Yesterday at the H&M flagship store in New York City, a shopper was already trying to peddle his or her goods while stille inside the store. At 9:04 a.m. someone who had already purchased a bomber jacket was trying to resell it for $250.

Others are take advantage of the Versace frenzy, as well. Racked reported on London-based WAH Nails created some fierce Versace-inspired nail art, featuring blue leopard print and gold accents.

The Versace H&M launch in London was pure chaos. Eager customers on the queue complained of being squeezed together on the queue. One woman said she had taken a few days off work for the event.