A driver car’s got a second wash after accidentally hitting the gas leaving a car wash and driving into a New Jersey river.

The incident occurred at Spotless Car Wash in Hackensack, New Jersey, when 64-year-old Evelyn Asperilla got her 2002 Mercedes-Benz SUV cleaned. As she was leaving, she stepped down on the gas, instead of the brake, and immediately launched her car into the Hackensack River.

A 41-year-old bystander, Oriolis Ran, jumped into the river to help get Asperilla and her passenger, Carla Asperilla, out of the car.

The Spotless Car Wash also managed to record the incident on its security cameras. The video shows the car speeding through the lot, almost hitting two of the car wash’s workers. Asperilla managed to avoid them and careened straight into the river, as there was no barrier blocking off the riverbank.

After Ran managed to get the two women out of the car, members of the Hackensack Fire Department arrived to help safely remove the trio from the river.

The women were unharmed but Asperilla was taken to a nearby hospital for a precautionary examination.

A local towing company arrived later to remove the car.

Hackensack Police are investigating the incident.

Car Wash
Security researchers managed hack into car wash systems made by PDQ and do damage to vehicles. paulbr75/PixaBay