A video emerged online, courtesy of a motor dealership, of a Florida man who made a literal crash landing onto the roof of one of the dealership's cars.

The security video belonged to Modern Corp. Auto Sales in Fort Myers, who saw the footage Monday morning of the man’s rough fall. The video shows the barefoot man fall on the roof of the black sedan, losing his hat and causing a big dent in the roof. The man quickly looked the car over before casually walking away barefoot.

“We arrived at work this morning and saw this on the security cams,” read the video’s caption on the dealership’s Facebook. “I hope they find this kid and he’s all right.”

They also took the chance to quote standup comedian Ron White, saying “You just can’t fix stupid.” The video was hashtagged #fallingfromroof, #criminalmischief and #ouch.

“If I could give advice to anybody, if you have any ladders laying around your business or your home, make sure they are secured properly,” owner John DiLeonardo told Wink News. “Because you never know when somebody is going to get on your roof and then jump off.”

While most at the dealership are puzzled as to how the man even got in position to do this, DiLeonardo revealed there was a ladder left near the dealership’s property. He believes this is how the man got over the fence and crashed onto the car roof.

Police are currently investigating the incident and looking for the man in the video.

Auto dealership A line of Chevrolet autos made by General Motors is seen for sale at a dealership in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Photo: Rick Milking/Reuters