While fans of the Walkmen must wait until June 5 to hear the band's new album Heaven in full, they can whet their appetite with a new video released from Pitchfork that features the band playing a live version of the title track from the new album.

The video, titled The Walkmen +1, features roughly four minutes of interview footage before segueing to the live performance of Heaven recorded at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia. We recorded very, very quietly for the first time that I think is the best-sounding stuff on [the new album], says lead singer Hamilton Leithhauser. We did songs where I would just play the acoustic and sing, but [we'd] just do it so, so quietly. It was so quietly that my mouth sounds were too loud. I would have to re-do it because, like, the sound inside my body was too loud for the mic.

The title track isn't a great example of the softer stuff that Leithhauser alludes to in the interview, though the video does show a short preview of songs that Leithhauser plays alone on an acoustic. Peter Bauer, a utility instrumentalist for the band, explains what it's like to continue making records as a moderately successful band for so many years. Bauer says, Over the course of doing it, you have to commit fully, more and more, every time that you decide to make another record.

Heaven is made in the same light as some of the Walkmen's most famous songs, particularly like the song The Rat, which was released in 2004. The drums, like any good surf tune, drive the music forward. The high-hat hits are constant and the splash-shots are predictable. The guitar, similarly, is repetitive. Shouting over the top of all the noise is Leithhauser's distinct wailing voice.

To hear the Walkmen's new song Heaven, click the link below.