Billionaire Warren Buffett rang in the Year of the Dragon with a musical number on his ukulele on Chinese TV Monday.

The 81-year-old Oracle of Omaha appeared on one of China's most-watched television programs, China Central Television's New Years' show, in a modest black sweatshirt to sing I've Been Working on the Railroad and strum the Hawaiian instrument.

Buffett is a recognized figure in China for his success and part-ownership of BYD, a Shenzhen-based company that makes the E6 electric vehicle, according to Bloomberg News.

The investor didn't explain his song choice, but China has invested a lot of money in massive high-speed train projects over the past three years. The trains average speeds of 124 mph and breaking world records as the longest high speed rail on earth.

At the end of the clip, published on CCTV's website, the Buffett says xie xiu, or thank you in Chinese.