A man from Washington was charged for hiding in a 12-year-old Oregon girl's bedroom for a month and sexually assaulting her multiple times.

The accused, identified as 21-year-old Zacharias Cavasos, met the victim on social media in December. He travelled to Oregon to meet the her on Feb.10. Cavasos then hid in the victim’s closet until he got caught by the girl’s grandfather on Feb.25. The accused, who was kicked out of the residence, managed to sneak back into the home. He hid beneath the bed to elude the grandfather. On March 11, the grandfather caught him again following which he was taken into custody.

During interrogation, the accused admitted to hiding in the girl’s bedroom for over a month and having sex with her on multiple occasions. He was charged with sexual abuse of a minor Wednesday (May 6).

Speaking about the case, Judge Youlee Yim You said, “I’m troubled by the allegation that despite knowing the victim’s age and the fact that he was not to return to that residence, he went back and further allegedly engaged in the same criminal conduct.”

“When I started reading the nature of the allegations, I really was quite surprised by what I read, I have never been aware of anyone alleged to have been living in a 12-year-old’s bedroom for a month,” he added.

Meanwhile, Cavasos’ lawyer Thomas Price said that the accused may have an intellectual disability and that he may have considered it an “inappropriate romantic relationship.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Martin, however, said that she objected “to any characterization of the interaction between a 20-year-old and a 12-year-old as any type of consensual sexual or romantic relationship. That’s not remotely possible since the victim can’t legally provide consent.’’

The incident comes days after a Maine woman was charged with sexually assaulting a teen boy. The 16-year-old boy called 911 from outside 28-year-old Harley Fortier’s home on April 9, saying that he was raped by the woman. He told the investigators that he had moved into Maine in April to live with a family member, however, he slept in the accused’s home as there was no room for him to sleep in his relative’s home. He said the woman sexually assaulted him multiple times when he stayed with her.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay