The security camera of a woman’s house in Colorado Springs captured an eerie footage of an unexplained creature walking in the driveway. According to a UFO expert, the strange creature could be an alien being.

Based on the video, the incident happened at night and the footage of the creature was captured using an infrared security camera positioned to oversee the house’s driveway.

According to Vivian Gomez, the owner of the house, the creature may have come from inside her home because the security camera captured the shadow of a door as it opened. Seconds later, the bipedal creature can be seen walking beside her parked car and away from the house.

Although some agreed that the creature might be an alien, other people who saw the video speculated that it could be Gomez’s son or a kid from the neighborhood since it seems the strange being came from inside the house.

Inside Edition, which picked up the story about the bizarre incident, confirmed that Gomez has a 9-year-old son but she insisted that it wasn’t him in the video since she doesn’t let him out at night. After watching the clip, Gomez’s neighbors also confirmed that the creature wasn’t any of the kids living nearby since it doesn’t resemble anyone from the neighborhood.

Since the creature remains unexplained and unidentified, UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base speculated that it could be an alien. Based on the video, he pointed out the creature displayed physical characteristics that are very different from a normal human being.

He said that the creature seems to have longer arms than a typical human because its wrists are in a higher position. Aside from its physical attributes, the creature also displayed strange behavior as it was walking away from the house.

Unfortunately, only one angle of the creature was caught on camera. Gomez said that the security camera on her driveway only records 10 seconds of video at a time. Oddly enough, she noted that there are other cameras positioned in different parts of her house but only one was able to capture the footage of the creature.

UFO Alien An illustration of an alien. Photo: Pawel86/Pixabay