One of the cutest kids to hit the small screen is back in Cheerios first Super Bowl commercial in eight years.
Slated to air during the Super Bowl XLVIII, the advertisement marks the return of Gracie and her lovely multiracial family. They were included in a Cheerios ad last year that launched a nationwide debate about the growing diversity of American families and the need for this change to be more visible in advertisements. 
In the new commercial, Gracie's dad has some exciting news to share with his daughter -- she will soon be a big sister. He explains that their family will be getting a new member and that her mom is pregnant with a baby boy. 
He uses Cheerios to represent each member of the growing family -- including their newest addition. But the clever Gracie slides an additional Cheerio up to the "family tree," saying she wants a puppy along with her new baby brother. 
Though the family received some racist comments and reactions to the first Cheerios ad featuring them, the ad received an overwhelming sbout of support from consumers across the nation happy to see a family that matched the diversity found within their own. '
Camille Gibson -- vice president of marketing for Big G cereals -- took to the General Mills's corporate blog to explain  how the new ad sought to honor the joy of spending time with family -- especially during life's most exciting moments:
“Cheerios is about families and love and connections and breakfast. Our new Cheerios ad celebrates one of those special moments in a family that America fell in love with. The ad quietly celebrates the emotional sharing and simple joys we find when spending just a few simple moments together every day.”