• A fox was smacked with a hockey stick after stealing a parcel from a delivery van
  • The delivery driver hit the fox so hard, it sent the animal rolling onto its back
  • The animal cruelty, which was caught on video, might have happened in London

A fox got the beating of its life when a delivery man whacked it with a hockey stick for stealing a parcel from his van.

The beating, which was caught on video, might have happened in London, said The Sun U.K.

It showed two delivery men reacting when they saw the sly creature bravely came towards them.

Noise can affect foxes and other animals that rely on their hearing when they hunt. Pixabay

As the animal approaches a metal trolley holding the parcels, one man was caught saying, “Tell him to f--- off. Why is he not scared?”

Another voice from the background said he was “gonna my dog down here.”

Apparently, the fox was not intimidated by the humans. Instead, it moved towards the trolley and started sniffing one of the parcels that had fallen through the metal bars, added The Sun U.K.

The first man then said, “I need to load up fam. Get rid of it.”

He was answered by the man who was filming, who yelled at the fox, ordering him to move, said the Daily Mail.

Instead of scampering away, the fox bit down on the parcel and ran away. It then sat a few yards away from the van.

The man filming the clip let out a laugh and said, “He’s trying to take the parcel fam.”

It was here that the driver lost his cool and hit the fox with a hockey stick. The strike so hard, it sent the animal rolling onto its back.

The fox, which clearly got its senses back after the devastating hit, scampered away in fright and with a possible injury.

Netizens were outraged on the inhumane actions of the driver after the video was uploaded.