On Wednesday morning, Austin television news station KTBC caught a Washington correspondent apparently zonked out on camera.

Doug Luzader must have been exhausted. He was reporting on Super Tuesday, a marathon event that requires constant coverage even after the voting stations are closed. So when KTBC anchor Joe Bickett tried to get a comment from Luzader in Washington, D.C., via satellite, he didn't get far.

Doug Luzader is live in D.C. with the update, said Bickett as a split screen image showed Luzader with his head down. Doug? Good morning. Good to see ya. I guess 6-3-1 is pretty much the way it breaks down, eh? Maybe? Hello, Doug. Hi Doug. Uh... I guess not.

Bickett promised viewers he'd check back in later, and he did reconnect with a lucid Luzader about an hour later.

But was the correspondent really asleep? There are claims to the contrary, allegedly from Luzader himself. The YouTube user who posted the embarrassing blooper clip online made a comment below the video that very night. [Luzader] actually direct messaged me and told me his earpiece was dead and if you look closely enough you can see his eyes are blinking, said Duffy1025. It was sooooo much more funny thinking he was asleep!

Luzader isn't the only news reporter who's goofed up onscreen. The bloopers below, compiled by YourDailyLaughz, prove that newscasters are just as human as the rest of us.