In the wait for HBO's new season of "Westworld," sift through some potential spoilers to find just what the upcoming Season 3 is all about.

1. Out of the Frying Pan

Evan Rachel Wood’s titular Dolores has finally made it outside of the park, though is it for good reasons, or malignant ones? It’s left unclear. After Dolores’s arc in Season 2 became more complicated, Season 3 will only bolster it further. This new season will not only explore her own ways of survival out in the real world but also Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard, who may stop at nothing to oppose Dolores’ seemingly evil plan.

2. Brand New Faces

Season 3 of “Westworld” will feature “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi (more commonly known as Kid Cudi) from HBO’s short-lived “How to Make it in America,” and “Black Swan” actor Vincent Cassel.

3. Beautiful (Yet War-Torn) New Parks

While Wood’s character maintains her freedom on the outside in a futuristic “Blade Runner” Los Angeles, Thandie Newton’s Maeve, on the other hand, will still have to struggle against the shackles that bind her. Though it’s unclear if Delos still maintains and operates the park as is, set photos and behind-the-scenes interviews have already revealed a number of beautiful locales. Main among them are the tropical and war-torn action set pieces in Spain, complete with Nazis, tanks, and debris.

4. Corporate Espionage

HBO's minuscule tease of a trailer last week may have revealed little about the upcoming plot of the new season, though it does lend credence to the way in which this season will be returning to its roots of corporate espionage.

In said “Westworld” Season 3 teaser, actor Jefferson Mays (“Inherent Vice”) gives a prolonged speech about the world and its relation to his company, Incite. It seems that Incite will be a newfound rival to Delos, which is the corporation that runs the Westworld park and created the androids that occupy its walls. Incite offers fans a small glimpse into the ways in which this new season sets its predecessors far apart.

5. A Whole New Mystery

“The maze wasn't meant you,” Dolores told William in Season 1. Yet, now she finds herself tangled in a web of her own, one she may not be able to free herself from as she did by escaping the park itself. With Wright’s Bernard also on the run and free to run amuck in the real world, the so-called maze will only tighten around them both. While Dolores remains on one side and Bernard on the other, their fight for survival and overall exploits against one another will be an ever-increasing mystery that will reshape the series to come. And due to the fact that the producers are excited to show off how Dolores will interact with the world, Season 3 may just be well worth the wait.

"Westworld" Season 3 premieres on HBO in 2020.

"Westworld" Season 3 will be easier to follow, according to the producers. Westworld/Facebook