Travel + Leisure magazine has ranked America's ten dirtiest cities. The rankings are not the most scientific (it's based on input from the magazine's readers, who fill out an annual favorite cities survey), but the results hold up fairly well next to the conclusions of other studies as Travel +Leisure explains:

This year's American State Litter Scorecard, published by advocacy group the American Society for Public Administration, put both Nevada and Louisiana in the bottom five -- echoing the assessment of T+L readers who ranked Las Vegas and New Orleans among America's dirtiest cities. Likewise, the American Lung Association releases an annual State of the Air report, listing cities with the least (and most) pollution. Not surprisingly, Los Angeles fared poorly again this year

Where does your local city fit on the list? Here are the results:

1 New Orleans

2 Philadelphia

3 Los Angeles

4 Memphis

5 New York

6 Baltimore

7 Las Vegas

8 Miami

9 Atlanta

10 Houston