Brian Laundrie was confirmed dead on Thursday and the many unanswered questions around his and Gabby Petito’s death could be found inside a key piece of evidence located by his remains: a wet notebook.

Laundrie’s skeletal remains were found by the FBI in the Carlton Reserve in Florida and were personal items were believed to have been recently underwater. Among the items found near Laundrie’s body was his notebook, which could contain a potential suicide note or written explanation that would help uncover some of the mysteries that have been haunting Petito’s family.

“If that notebook contained, for example, information that could have been admissions, it could be projecting blame or rationalization, all that information could help in the determination,” former FBI profiler Jim Clemente told CNN on Thursday.

Sources told CNN the notebook was wet but “possibly salvageable” and experts were “going to use any potential means to dry that out before opening it.”

Casey Jordan, a professor of justice and law administration at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, also suggested that the notebook could provide a motive or an admission of guilt.

“...Did he take the time to write out a note of explanation? Maybe even regret? Something that would give answers. Not only to the police but to Gabby’s family,” Jordan told CNN.

Laundrie’s remains have also been under review.

On Monday, his autopsy came back inconclusive and his remains were sent to an anthropologist “for further evaluation,” the family's attorney said Monday.

Laundrie, 23, went missing on Sept. 14 at about the same time that authorities found Petito’s remains at a national forest in Wyoming. Petito's death was later ruled a homicide by manual strangulation. Laundrie had been named a person of interest.


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