“Are You the One?” is meant to bring together singles that are terrible at finding love and connect them with their perfect match, but the series doesn't always work out as planned. Over the past six seasons of the MTV reality series, numerous castmates have gotten together that were not designed to be a couple by the network's matchmakers. As we go into Season 7, find out who is still together.

ayto couples still together
Here's which "ATYO?" couples, perfect match or not, are still together going into Season 7 of the MTV series. MTV

Alivia and Kareem

Alivia and Kareem had a rough season on “Are You the One?” Season 6. Last viewers saw them they were at the reunion special where Kareem admitted to hooking up with one of their co-stars. Despite his indiscretion, Alivia made it clear on Twitter recently that she and Kareem are still together.

Clinton and Uche


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Though they were not a confirmed perfect match in Season 6, Clinton and Uche are still very much an item. The two frequently share pictures together on Instagram with Clinton most recently posting a shot of him lifting his “AYTO?” love in the air. “I’ll never let you down,” the caption reads. Fans can keep up with the couple on their shared YouTube page.

Gianna and Hayden


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These two knew something their Season 5 castmates didn’t. While Gianna and Hayden were not declared a perfect match by MTV’s matchmakers, they made it work off-camera. The pair are now expecting a baby boy, due this month. You can follow Gianna's pregnancy journey on her YouTube channel.

Julian and Stephen

These days, Julia bares it all on social media, but she’s isn’t as open about her relationship with Season 5 co-star Stephen. The pair does appear to still be together, though. In March, Stephen posted that they had been back together for over a year after years of having on-again, off-again romance. In May, Julia posted on Twitter that she can’t watch to start a family with her better half.

Zak and Hannah

These two found each other in the middle of Season 3 and have been inseparable ever since. Fans of the “AYTO?” confirmed non-match can follow their journey on YouTube where they frequently document their travel and daily lives.

Ethan and Amber

These two put all other “Are You the One?” couples to shame! Ehtan and Amber from Season 1 were a confirmed match on the show and are still together. The happily married pair wed in 2014 and have two daughters. “Any day spent with you is my favorite day,” Amber posted about Ethan last month. “Today is my new favorite day.”

Catch the two-hour Season 7 premiere of “Are You the One?” on Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV and stay tuned to International Business Times for weekly episode recaps.